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This software lets you communicate from a Linux computer to a Polar S710 heart rate monitor via the serial IR interface. It is not complete, but a utility is provided that gives you the ability to view the settings on the watch and download exercise files. Other utilities (also provided) allow you to print the contents of exercise files and render the data in PNG graphs. A Perl interface to the library is also provided.

09 May 2007 - s710 moved to Google Code

I've moved the s710 source code repository over to Google Code. Please send me an email at dave at daveb dot net if you'd like to be added to the project. It looks to me like you may need a Gmail username for this. In any case, you can also check out the source from the Subversion repository.

09 May 2007 - s710 0.21 released [Download] [ChangeLog]

Thanks to a patch from Matti Tahvonen, the long-running "interval mode" problem may finally be under control. Files recorded in interval mode should no longer confuse the parsers. The S625X and S710/S720i parsers were affected. Also, a couple of bugfixes and some code reorganization.

Related software

  • Stefan Saring has written a really nice .NET (developed and tested with mono) application named SportsTracker for viewing training data from Polar heart rate monitors as well as certain other devices.
  • Pieter Opgenhaffen made a PHP application to make s710 data available through a web interface.

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